The Common Mistakes In Vehicle Fleet Management

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Vehicle fleet management is not an easy task but if you are equipped with the right management skills, strategies and up to date tools, running the fleet will be a smooth. However, there are lots of ways in which things can go wrong, here are some.

Having more vehicles than you need can be very tempting, and many companies tend to purchase more vehicles than they actually require. This is the most common mistake that fleet managers commit. If you have 30 vehicles in your fleet but only need to utilise 25, sell the extras and save yourself from depreciation.

You should use your resources more effectively by keeping the vehicles on the road frequently, eliminating the probability of wasting time, money and effort. To do this intelligently, you will need the following data - good quality demand from drivers and utilisation data. By studying these crucial things, you can come up with the optimal fleet size for your company.

Another mistake that companies tend to commit is buying the wrong type of vehicle for the job during the wrong time of the year. Determining the right type of vehicle is vital in fleet management since it can make or break your company.

Depending on the nature of your business, try to look for the appropriate cars that will benefit you and your company. Car manufacturers offer several variants for each individual model and some have better resale than others. Finding out what models suit your company best will determine how your fleet will perform. Otherwise, you will be spending more time looking for solutions to your problems.

One of the most common mistakes in Vehicle Fleet Management is covering the drivers excess for at fault accidents. If your drivers know that they will be the ones paying if they become involved in an accident, they will be more careful when driving. They will be more alert when it comes to probable accidents since they dont want to pay unnecessary damages when they are behind the wheel. Make sure to let them know about this and that it is clear to both parties. By doing so, your accident rate will go down together with your insurance premiums.

By avoiding these misconceptions, you can be assured that your vehicle fleet management will significantly be simpler and you will become more effective as a fleet manager.
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The Common Mistakes In Vehicle Fleet Management

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This article was published on 2010/11/20