The Legal Implications of Fleet Management-Understanding Corporate Manslaughter

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Fleet Corporate Manslaughter-An Overview

When you are a fleet manager, there are issues of cost, but there are other issues that must be dealt with and which are perhaps even more serious than cost. When you are a manager, you are to some degree responsible for all of your users on the road. While you cannot realistically be there to watch your drivers and make sure that they are always following guidelines of safe driving and compliancy, there are steps that you can take to assure that your drivers are prepared to be fleet users. They are, after all, representatives of your organization and they should be prepared to represent your organization in a safe and professional manner. All fleet managers should understand the legal implications of fleet management so they will know what to expect and how to avoid accidents that involve casualties.

There have been new laws passed that change the legal implications of fleet management. This new law now makes it much harder for individuals, such as individual users, to be charged with manslaughter. There are cases, however, in which individuals can be prosecuted under common law. The truth of the matter is that the organization is now held responsible for all cases of manslaughter. Corporate manslaughter is the legal term when a user who is operating a fleet vehicle accidentally kills a person due to poor regulations or sloppy driving. There are large fines placed on the organization to pay family members of the deceased.

Fleet Corporate Manslaughter-When A Fleet Manager Can Be Tried And Sentenced

What should be understood about the legal implications of fleet management, however, is that while fleet managers will normally not be prosecuted for corporate manslaughter, they may be held accountable if it was found that there was a gross breach of duty. This happens when it can be proven that the manager was responsible for the vehicle being poorly maintained or if the driver was poorly trained. In this case, the fleet manager can potentially be tried and sentenced.

Fleet Corporate Manslaughter-How To Be Confident About Preventing It

Now that you understand the legal implications of fleet management, it's important that you know how you can prevent corporate manslaughter from occurring. It is important that all fleet users are trained. Even if drivers you hire have experience in other fleets, it's terribly important that they are forced to go through your organization's specialized training. This will relieve you from a potential breach of duty charge and will prepare your drivers to be safe while on the road; remember there is no fleet insurance that can help you out of that situation.

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The Legal Implications of Fleet Management-Understanding Corporate Manslaughter

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This article was published on 2010/10/24